KRAKÓW ARTEXPO 2012 – English version


For the second time the Art Fair will be organized by The Manor in Tomaszowice, which aims to facilitate interaction between artists from the whole world, and customers and intermediaries in the course of works of art: collectors, marshands, exhibitors, owners of auction houses, galleries and antique shops and art lovers.

The purpose of the Krakow ArtExpo is to enable artists to reach directly both: people who can introduce their work to the market and consumers of contemporary art, which are involved from variety of reasons in artistic creativity.

For the most actives in the market, that deal with the art market, this event allows reaching new or previously unnoticed creators and meeting tastes and expectations of people interested in created art in our time. The organizer does not place restrictions on the techniques used by artists, is open to works of paintings, prints, sculptures, installations and other forms of artistic communication with the modern viewer.

Undoubtedly, the duration (1-3 May 2012) and the location of this event (spaces Krakow Conference Centre The Manor in Tomaszowice and the grounds surrounding the nineteenth-century park) in a particular way will foster new contacts and friends.

An important part of the planned exhibition will be also share with the charity: to collect arts donated by the exhibitors and to transfer them to the Children’s Health Foundation for the Regional Specialized Children Hospital.St. LouisinKrakow.

For visitors as well as for the art lovers, adults and for the youngest, will be waiting a lot of attractions. Educational workshops, lectures, meetings and discussions, will cause that it could also be an excellent opportunity for intergenerational integration and common intercourse, even in nature, with the ancient and modern culture.



painting * printmaking * sculpture * installation art
First Krakow Art Expo – 3rd of may 2011 –  a unique fine art show bringing artists and art admirers together.
Come and meet  interesting people full of creative energy and fresh ideas – their common passion is Art.

All painters, designers, sculptors  and art galleries are invited to take part, present and sell their works, as well as  establish a direct connection with the public. We give you exposition space of over 2000sq m, our park and gardens.

Exhibitor Registration:

To exhibit at Kraków Art Expo please send us an email to expo@dwor.pl. Once you have reserved your booth space you need to confirm your reservation by paying   a deposit calculated in the registration form.  The payment should be transferred before the 26th of April 2011.

Fringe Events:

  • Lecture by a Special Guest
  • Charity Auction by Child Heath Foundation
  • Art workshop for children
  • Krakow Art Expo evening closing party

Available booth space for rent:

1 – 100cm x 270cm  – 130pln/package with lunch – 140pln

2 – 200cm x 270cm – 250pln/package with lunch for two people – 270pln

3 – 200cm x 480cm – 400pln/package with lunch for two people – 420pln

4 – 560cm – Wall space on the upper gallery – 100pln

5 – 290cm – Wall space on the upper gallery – 40pln

Facilities at additional cost:

  • Easel – 30pln
  • Electric socket – 30pln
  • Stolik – 30pln
  • Krzesło – 10pln

A special hotel package is available for all exhibitors   – 200pln for a double room and 150 for a single room (price includes breakfast)

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